We are authorised to supply Equine America supplements, including Cortaflex and Magnitude.  10% Discount for laundry customers!


  • Specialised equine services
  • Quality equine products
  • Repairs to zips i.e. 1/2 chaps
  • Washing service provided for all equine accessories, travel boots, numnahs, vests, hoods, show/hunt jackets
  • Re-proofing service
  • Provide a dry cleaning service on all products and accessories i.e show jackets and duvets
  • Equine America supplements, including the new Cortaflex with Superfenn added
  • Expert and professional advice on all equine accessories
  • Embroidery service
Patches supply legal horse supplements in Lisburn. We have Equine America supplements including Cortaflex and Magnitude.
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